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Pest Control In Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham & Dandenong

Pest control is best achieved with an Integrated Pest Management plan using a range of control techniques and methods which includes biological, chemical, mechanical, physical or cultural. We, at AAA Termite & Pest Control Services have trained employees who have expertise in pest management.

Using scientific techniques to address your needs and eliminate such conditions that attract pests. Successful pest control is not just dealing with science, inspection is necessary– it continues day in and day out to help ensure your property is protected from pests and the damage they can do. 

We encourage our customers to have checks done regularly, so if you have a problem, or haven't had a check done in some time, we can arrange a time for a pest inspector to come and provide an inspection and report, giving you in detail anything we may find.

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Reasons To Choose Our Pest Service

  • Expert technicians
  • Use sustainable techniques that will destroy the pests without causing damage to humans and surrounding environment 

  • The task is completed within limited visits 

  • No need to vacate the structure while the treatment process is going on

  • Even if the pests have just began infesting you house or work area, our experts use scientific methods to destroy them in the initial stage. They create low-oxygen environment, killing all insect pests at all stages of their development

We are a PestCert accredited business. PestCert is the Australian pest management industry’s badge of professional competence and pride.

We deliver pest control in Melbourne, frankston, pakenham and dandenong. Our employees have developed an in-house integrated program to manage pests in residential as well as commercial structures. They assess the situation at the site and employ a combination of highly specialised methods such as gel baiting and trapping to control the pest problem at the root, rather than tackling it at the surface alone.

Pest control specialist at AAA Termite and Pest Control Services are trained to assess your building’s unique characteristics, then implement and monitor a systematic plan based on your problem. AAA Termite and Pest Control Services is a leading name in providing pest control in Melbourne. Sanitation plays a major role in controlling pest related activities; hence it is essential that you strive to maintain cleanliness.