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Rodent Control in Melbourne

Rats and mice do not only contaminate food but also can spread diseases, masticate along walls, gnaw electrical wiring and plumbing etc., making them among the most destructive pests that can damage your property.

They are primarily to be found living indoors during the winter season.  If they get the availability of food and shelter throughout the year, they will occupy the space at your residential or business place.  Considered as social animals, these rodents live in groups. Rats are generally found to live in spaces with holes large as a quarter where they can fit into. The best entry for rats is loose sidings, fireplaces and vents that are easily accessible.

Why Rodents are regarded as Pests? 

Spread diseases: Rodents and their parasites spread many diseases like plague, rat bite fever and food poisoning.

Contaminate food: Fecal droppings and bacteria infested urines will do more than just spoiling food: they can become a nesting place for microscopic egg worms.

Damage property: If a customer sees a rodent at your place then it could damage your reputation as well as your business. And with the ability to gnaw and chew, rats and mice can even trigger electrical fumes in your building.

Breed rapidly: One pair of mice can produce 200 offspring in four months.

Considering there are 60 species of rats in Australia, AAA pest offers rodent control services in Melbourne to get your residential and business place free from rodents. For rodent control services in Melbourne Contact us today.

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