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AAA specialise in ant removal and ant prevention for both residential and commercial properties.

Being social insects, ants live in nests. Colony sizes vary enormously and are mostly found in soil, wood and among rocks. Ants are both predators and scavengers.

Ants are very common intruders in and around residential buildings and are commonly observed in and around foundations and in walls, roof voids, kitchens, lawns, and gardens, the wood of decaying trees and rockeries.
Ants as Pests:


Ants are often regarded as nuisances in and around buildings. Small mounds from their excavations may be considered unsightly along garden paths, on balconies, and around skirting boards and architrave bases.

Contaminators and Transmitters of Disease
Ants present a health risk to humans. As they scavenge kitchens, garbage cans, dog wastes in search of food they can at times mechanically carry on their bodies or in their digestive tract disease organisms causing dysentery, smallpox, and a variety of pathogenic bacteria including Salmonella. Their potential for spreading disease should not be overlooked.

Ants can bite or sting humans.

call a professional for your ant removal and ant prevention whether it be Commercial environment or a Domestic property.

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