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There are many types of spiders in Australia varying in both shape and size. Some are venomous, most aren’t. They are found in gardens, homes – almost everywhere

Spiders are considered pests, primarily because of their bite. Some spiders are aggressive and can attack if threatened. Whilst some produce a painful yet non toxic bite that can last for a period, others can produce a venomous bite that can cause pain, nausea, sweating, blistering, even death!

Deadly and Dangerous Spiders

AAA Termite & Pest Control Services operate to the strictest of guidelines. Working within the boundaries to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently. The spiders such as these could not only kill, but do serious harm to your loved ones, whether it’s children or loved pets.

Toxic (poisonous) – Painful Bite

We all dislike the unwelcome surprise when these party goers come for a visit. Like the harmful spiders, the above are also not to be taken kindheartedly.

Low Risk Spiders

The little spiders can be of benefit having around the home. Their Eco-system allows them to do a little cleaning and removal of other bacterial carrying pests.

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